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Uphold Liberty – Political Technology Consulting

Technology is a tool that, if used effectively, can play a vital role in the success of a political campaign. Where it was once sufficient to have a basic web site and a Facebook page, to effectively use technology to help win elections, the technology in use needs direction.

Political campaigns have but one goal: reach voters. That goal is why election season brings campaign signs to every street corner, armies of volunteers walking neighborhoods, and floods of phone calls from the phone banks. Though there are many ways to market a campaign, the proper use of technology is the easiest, most cost-effective way of reaching voters.

In the past, a basic web site to provide information to people who happened to be researching a candidate was sufficient; but those days are gone. A web site can have the effectiveness of a push card on a grocery store bulletin board, or it can be part of a strategy to reach voters and convince them of the best candidate in the race.

A strategy to win a campaign must include an embrace of new media with a comprehensive plan on how to efficiently use technology to reach voters. Uphold Liberty can give your campaign the direction it needs in order to win on Election Day.

Read about how our social media consultingSearch Engine Optimization, and fundraising infrastructure planning services can give your campaign the direction and purpose needed to most effectively use technology in reaching voters.